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"I just had to write and say Thanks. I bought 2 cans of your product in March, hoping to stop the water leak causing water to drain into my basement (from the corner where house and garage connect). I sprayed 3 really good coats, especially where the foundations seemed to be crumbling, and after 4 really hard rain....no water in the basement. I am still going to try to seal the inside site with a mortar mix and then seal over with Flex Seal. This stuff is wonderful."

"Works great. Used it many times. Much better than any other spray, thicker and lasts longer."

"We own an Assisted Living Facility here in West Virginia called Chateau Grove SL (www.ChateauGrove.com). For at least 11 years we have had a leak in our sky-lights that were put into our sitting room ceiling. The original contractor had come numerous times, and said it was fixed. Of course it leaked again causing water damage over and over again every time there was a hard rain look out below! We had put thousands of dollars into trying to have this fixed. My maintenance man saw your product on T. V. and purchased it. The last hard rain we had I asked him how bad it looked, and to my surprise it was not leaking. I went on to ask him who he had called to fix-It and he told me he had fixed it with your product. I still did not believe it until he showed me the empty cans of Flex-Seal. This has been in the winter when the weather was not too bad, but it had to be below freezing when it was applied. It is still working even though we have experienced hard rains it seems on a regular basis. Just wanted to make sure you got my thank you. After spending thousands of dollars and really just flushing that money down the drain. Then spending $19.95 and fixing it! It is a Miracle as far as my residents and our staff is concerned. Thank you for advertising this on T. V. I don't think we would have ever fixed this without your help!"

"I recently bought the Flex Seal spray. I applied it on a few small roof leaks. It worked perfectly :)"

"Flex Seal was made for the toughest roof leaks!"

"Since it did such a great job on the roof, I decided to try the spray for some other household repairs. I had seen demonstrations of various uses for the product when I was looking for Flex Seal reviews. I have now used the spray to fix a leaky garden hose, stop a small leak in a sink pipe, and seal up a drafty window. I was concerned about the window looking obvious, but once I touched it up with the original trim paint, no one would ever know there had been a repair."

"The Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant has become an unexpected staple in my household."

"Just as the Flex Seal reviews had said, our leaky roof was no longer leaking. We were thrilled and amazed!"

"This is one of those few products that is actually better than the ads make it out to be. Whether you need to fix a problem leak or are simply trying to be prepared for one in the future, Flex Seal is well worth the investment. Everyone should have a can in their toolbox."

"Honestly, I was so tired of using other similar products in the industry that I was doubtful about its effectiveness until I bought it (even after reading the so-called Flex Seal reviews). However, when I first used it on my buckets, I could immediately see the difference! The cracks were sealed immediately and it was a long-term solution. In fact, itís been nearly 45-60 days and I havenít had any problem so far."

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